Community Outreach | Red Bag Alliance: Who We Are
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Community Outreach

No Longer Bound Logo

No Longer Bound

This an amazing organization that has spent the past 25 years helping men with addictions. Their mission is to Rescue, Regenerate, and Reconcile with success rates in the 70% plus range each year. Check out their website and see the amazing stories. This organization is supported by all of the senior leadership team individually, and Red Bag Alliance is a top sponsor at the corporate level. Please consider making a donation – the impact on the families involved and on the community is very gratifying to observe.


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Mount Pisgah Christian School Logo

Mount Pisgah Christian School

Mount Pisgah Christian School is a non-denominational Christian K-12 school in our community which has a faith based curriculum that helps prepare fine young men and women for college and the world ahead that faces them. Each student is required to perform 20 hours of community service each year. The students serve in the local community and abroad – students have visited Costa Rica, Swaziland, Ghana, and more.

Support from some of our leadership team has built a classroom in the middle school building and the hitting facility at the athletic campus pictured below. The hitting facility will help the school in their recruiting efforts and provide a place for coaches to teach both hitting fundamentals and Christian life lessons.

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