Government Fines: Stay Compliant and Avoid Them | Red Bag Alliance
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Government Fines

Government Fines

1. Advocate Health System $5.55M
2. NY–Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University$4.8M
3. Cignet Health $4.3M
4. Triple-S $3.5M
5. University of Mississippi Medical Center $2.75M
6. Oregon Health & Science University $2.7M
7. CVS Pharmacy $2.25M
8. NY-Presbyterian Hospital $2.2M
9. Concentra Health Services $1.7M
10. Alaska Dept of Health and Social Services $1.7M

Safeway Fined Almost 10M for HIPAA and Medical Waste Violations

UPMC Fined $451,000 for Medical Waste Disposal Violations

Keene Hospital Fined $200K for Hazardous Waste Violations

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