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Worldwide Outreach

We believe our mission is to support both Local and Global causes.

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Making A Difference

Supporting Compassion International for 10 years and sponsoring, supporting, and helping children in Haiti

The Haiti Project

What began as a simple mission trip to Haiti turned into a a long-awaited dream worth pursuing. Gabrielle Glenn had always had a heart for people and telling them about the amazing news of Jesus. After her first trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, she realized the unequivocal desperation in this impoverished nation. After a second trip to Haiti, filled with the Holy Spirit’s presence and a heart for helping the Haitians, The Love Haiti Project evolved. This organization has been created in efforts to support Haitians who are struggling to survive everyday by supplying them with sustainable solutions and much-needed donations. Donated items are used to send to Haitians in the remote mountain, coastal, and outer-city villages, where little to no missionaries are stepping foot. We believe that through gracious contributions and sustainable solutions, we can change Haiti by nurturing the sick, providing for the broken, and ultimately cultivating hearts towards Jesus Christ. Visit to get involved, we would love for you to help us change Haiti!

Compassion International 10 year Supporters

Compassion International Child Pamphlet

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